Verizon is leaving no stone unturned to compete with their rival. T-mobile and AT&T are definitely one of the major rivals of Verizon. And they are now following their footstep. During the beginning of this year, Verizon first announced about their unlimited plan. All the three plan have different tiers. The plans are Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and the Above Unlimited.

And, now they have just announced about their exclusive partnership with Apple. This exclusive partnership will benefit the Apple Music subscribers a lot.

Verizon’s Partnership With Apple To Greatly Benefit Their Unlimited Subscribers
Verizon’s Partnership With Apple To Greatly Benefit Their Unlimited Subscribers

As per the new partnership deal, Verizon unlimited customers can enjoy six free months of Apple Music. So, if you are already a subscriber of the Apple Music, you can enjoy the upcoming six months amazingly. Just listen to the music and spend your day.

Also, this deal is not just for the new listeners. Rather it will be applicable to the below-mentioned customers.

  • If you are a current listeners
  • If your subscription has lapsed
  • If you are already a subscriber
  • Or else if you are a new Apple Music user
  • If you are a new Verizon unlimited customers
  • And if you are an existing unlimited Verizon customers

In other words, all the Verizon unlimited users and Apple Music subscriber can enjoy the deal. However, it will take a few more days for the deal to kick in. It is expected that August 16th is the day from when the deal will start working.

Verizon’s marketing Vice president Angie Klein has stated in a statement that, this is just the beginning of their partnership with Apple. And they have many more deals like that in the store. So, get ready to enjoy the upcoming deals as well if you are a Verizon carrier and Apple user.

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