The owner of TechCrunch and AOL, Verizon aims in taking away the pains of networking for business and have therefore launched a new service known as “Virtual Network Solutions”.

New Service Known as Virtual Network Solutions

The press release of the service was filled with corporate jargons and was scarcely comprehensible. The company is mainly offering services from companies like Juniper, Viptela, Cisco, Riverbed and Fortinet, and handling those services for companies big and small under their brand.

Verizon to Launch Virtual Network Solutions
Verizon to Launch Virtual Network Solutions

The launch of the service is all happening with an already constant fight among the hosted service providers and the networks for their business and their approach to commodity hardware and steps to move away from proprietary networking gear.

In one hand we have companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet saying public clouds would in the long run look for their networking and on the other hand we have AT&T already offering such services.

These Companies have Capitalized in Billions in Building Networks

These companies have capitalized in billions in building networks which the customers are now taking granted for. The main game is to build services above the network which can make more cash for the businesses which run them.

This illuminates on how Verizon’s approach is playing out on the content side. With this new networking play, Verizon is trying to go deeper into business services too.

These sudden and huge changes in the telecom business are emulated in the methods in which the definite networks are changing.

According to Vice President of Networking and Innovation, Verizon, Shawn Hakl, the changes that are trending with the computing and data centres because of companies like Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft are happening in the network also and telecom companies need to keep up with the stride.


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