Verizon is a well-known company that provides wireless telecommunication products and services. They have a collection of prepaid plans that allow users to take advantage of their services in lower costs. This week, Verizon announced a new prepaid unlimited plan that costs only $80. It sounds amazing you hear it like that but the “unlimited” plan has some major limitations.

The new $80 prepaid plan promises customers unlimited text, talk, and data every month without even requiring a contract or credit check. Verizon has also offered over 200 international market texts and allowed unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico. The offer is amazing for someone who has to regularly contact abroad and is an active user. However, everything is not that simple in this plan; there are obviously some caveats that need to be considered.

Verizon launches a new'Unlimited' prepaid plan
Verizon launches a new ‘Unlimited’ prepaid plan

The limitations in the new Verizon prepaid plan include a limit to video streaming. Users using this plan can’t enjoy videos more than 480p. Apart from that, the plan does not include or allow data sharing through hotspot or tethering.  Not only this, prepaid customers using this plan will have to deal with deprioritization by default if the network is congested.

No matter how low your data usage has been the network can deprioritize your data. Compared Verizon’s own contracted unlimited plan, this new prepaid plan sounds like a bad deal. The contracted plan also cost $80 per month but allows users to stream HD videos with 10GB of LTE speed tethering and starts deprioritizing user’s data after 22GB of usage.

The new $80 prepaid plan is a good deal if you often have to make international contacts. If you’re not interested in Verizon’s unlimited plans, you can check their other limited prepaid plans at lower prices starting from $40.


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