Verizon wireless is a wireless carrier used in the United States. Subscribers that are using Verizon Wireless are complaining about their mobile data. The speed of mobile data gets limited whenever they watch videos on YouTube or Netflix.

The speed cap is been noticed by Reddit and Howard Forums. Also, many users have noticed that whenever they use these two sites their internet speed gets reduced by 10mbps.

Verizon Subscribers Complaining About The Netflix
Verizon Subscribers Complaining About The Netflix

In the case of Netflix, users who have observed the change are highly using the test tool to judge the internet speed. This tool is called and it directly connects to Netflix’s servers. The users said that the speed is much slower as compared to Ookla’s tool. In this case, Netflix is giving its best speed so that users can watch the high-quality video.

Many Verizon users are complaining about it. The complaints have arrived at the RLDFCC i.e. Republican led Federal Communications Commission. It is turning the speed to its existing situation by using net-neutrality rule. These rules are therefore designed to provide high-speed internet to Verizon users so that they can use some websites indiscriminately. But you have to use high-speed mobile data network like:

  • You can use T-Mobile caps because it provides unlimited data at a speed of 480p resolution and also it is charging $10 for 2 months.
  • AT&T similarly provides you unlimited plans and a feature of Stream Saver. But you need to turn off your data if you want high quality.

You can notice that these unlimited plans are fast enough to watch videos on Netflix and YouTube. Netflix noticed that its subscribers are using high-speed internet for watching HD Quality video. So it’s important for you to use unlimited plan that provides good speed.


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