Verizon is one of the leading tech giants in the industry and it is known for various achievements. Now, it brings a whole new level of innovation into technology by providing protection to the devices which access public Wi-Fi and also many Wi-Fi hotspots.

What does it do?

This service basically has a safe Wi-Fi app through which one can protect their device. The device can access the Wi-Fi through encryption of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Accessing the internet through the VPN can provide a lot of advantages. There is more security in accessing the internet. This is very useful when it comes to accessing Wi-Fi in public places. This protects our devices and naturally, lets us be comfortable and not afraid of any data stealing from our device.

Verizon To Protect Devices That Access Public Wi-Fi That Aren't Trustworthy
Verizon To Protect Devices That Access Public Wi-Fi Those Aren’t Trustworthy

How does it work?

This doesn’t let any fake access point to access the data on the device. It can identify fake access points and provide you with additional security so that the device will not be able to access them at all.

This service also blocks ad trackers. It doesn’t allow any ads to engage in aggressive targeted marketing in your device. This app blocks ad trackers and protects the phone from any security issues.

What’s with the fee?

There is a fee with their security services offered. It starts at $4 per month. This can be quite a competition with the fee paid to the security services on an annual basis which comes up to $5 per month.

This is quite a good price in competition with Verizon. But the services offered by Verizon are unmatchable. However, Verizon can only protect ten of your devices linked to your Verizon account. Verizon cannot protect the Wi-Fi only tablets. For that, everyone can look for more general alternatives.

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