focuses on creating and delivering much-needed security related software(s) for the security conscious users. Their flagship product Folder Lock has proved to be a solid encryption software and has served people all around the globe. Similar to that, has created another masterpiece known as ‘Vault (Hide Pictures and Videos)‘. This app lets you hide photos, audios, documents, maintain to-do lists, and much more.

Vault (Hide Pictures and Videos) is the latest emerging application for Android that needs no introduction. This application allows you to protect your personal photos, videos and more without any hassle! It further lets you Protect your banking details, ATM pin number, driving license, ID cards, credit card details and more in Wallets.

Vault, Hide Photos, Videos and more, Perfect Protection for your Android Phone
Vault, Hide Photos, Videos and more, Perfect Protection for your Android Phone

Its main features are as follow:

Hide Photos and Videos

This application lets you use Gallery Lock that encrypts your videos and photos. It further lets you protect documents, audios, notes, wallet cards etc.

Secret Notes and To-do Lists

Create notes and to-do lists that are essential for easy management.

Cloud Backup

Cloud BackupNo need to worry about your confidential data being lost as now you may easily recover your data without any hassle with the help of Vault.

Data Recovery

Data RecoveryYou can easily recover your forgotten password, PIN or pattern through email recovery.

Multiple Security Locks

Multiple Security LocksVault (Hide Pictures and Videos) enables you to protect your device with the help of creating a password, a pattern or a PIN.

Other Features

Panic Switch

Panic SwitchRestrict shoulder surfers from seeing your confidential data by using a panic switch that lets you close your app by just a flick, shake or placing your palm on the screen.

Stealth Mode (Hide icon)

Stealth Mode (Hide icon)The hiding app function allows the app or the ‘Launch icon‘ to immediately disappear from the list of working apps once you have stopped using it.

Hack Attempt Monitoring

Hack Attempt MonitoringThe hack attempt option takes the image of the culprit using the front camera of the smartphone if anyone tries to log in your app with invalid credentials.

You can download:


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