The key difference between iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the way to use the camera. iPhone7 Plus features two 12 megapixel cameras which click astounding images with a click. However, the developers have given you added features with the second camera.

There is a difference in the lens of both the cameras. One is a 28mm f1.8 wide angle lens and the other is a 56mm f2.8 lens, which is known as telephoto. As explained technically by Lori Grunin, the lens is actually not telephoto but it lets you zoom into the subject to be photographed without corrupting its quality, it plays the role of a digital zoom.

How To Use The Second Camera Of iPhone 7 Plus – 56mm
How To Use The Second Camera Of iPhone 7 Plus – 56mm

Ideally, it doesn’t come pre-activated and needs to be activated in the camera app. There could be some who have already fiddled and have activated the second camera accidently without knowing.

For those who have not here is what you need to do:

In order to select the camera with  56mm f2.8 lens or the telephoto, you need to open Camera and click on the circle icon present just above the on-screen shutter button which says 1x . Your device will prompt you to change to 2x, once you select it,  your camera will shoot at 56mm.

Zooming Past ‘2x’

The digital zoom feature is not affected if you select the 56mm lens. If you are looking to zoom beyond ‘2x’ then:

  • In the viewfinder pinch either to zoom out or zoom in
  • Sliding the ‘1x’ logo with your finger on it, (up or down or right and left according to how you are holding the phone to click a picture) will help you adjust the level of zoom.

Your picture quality remains perfect if you are zooming till ‘2x’,  zooming beyond it will spoil your image quality.


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