Improving fitness and losing weight over the course of three months have become possible through the international competition to encourage exercise using online tools and pedometers. The 68k people became part of this virtual event at America College of Cardiology that grabbed the attention of many overweight people in the U.S. it was known as Stepathlon.

This exercise event has also been organized in many other regions of the world. A startup company in Mumbai is running this Exercise Event. a single participant needs to pay $62.50 for entering into this competition. As a part of Workplace Wellness Program, Corporations sponsor employees to join this event. People from 64 countries were given cheap pedometers by developing a group of team of five people.

The Social Media Communication, Quizzes, and Frequent emails engage people towards daily Step count through the Multiplatform and Interactive Application. The featured prizes for certain categories have been set for the competed team in Virtual International Race. Obesity, Sedentary Lifestyle, and Physical Inactivity are massive international issues.

Therefore, this 100-day competition would create awareness among the overweight people by making them dedicated. Many people have appreciated this step taken by the Mumbai-based company. It is expected that this virtual exercise event would be highly successful for long. The 3,500 steps by each participant in a day would definitely provide an ideal healthy lifestyle to the people. It will provide lots of benefits to the people regarding weight loss.


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