The new MacBook Pro is on its way and as usual, Apple is destined to make some groundbreaking technologies. As the company continues its quest for innovation and authenticity, they are being said to have made some bold decisions on the new MacBook.

A new rumor has come from the Japanese publisher, Macotakara, who has noted that the new MacBook Pro will not have standard USB port, but rather will make use of the USB Type C. Macotakara is a reliable source because it was also the first to have reported the issue of Apple killing the headphone jack.

There might not be a USB port on the new MacBook Pro
There might not be a USB port on the new MacBook Pro

The website also claimed that besides the removal of the standard USB port, Apple is also going to remove the MagSafe 2 and the Thunderbolt 2 ports, and they will rather put up the Thunderbolt 3 to support the MacBook Pro.

If these rumors are true, then it means users will likely have to charge their laptops through the USB C port or the Thunderbolt 3. Obviously, there is going to be needed for a USB 3.0 adapter because many of the devices make use of the traditional standard.

MacBook Pro Expected in Two Sizes

The website’s report also noted that the tech giant was going to launch a new MacBook Pro at one of their events which might be scheduled for this month. The MacBook Pro is expected to be in two sizes, the 15.4 inch and the 13.3 inch, and the Japanese based website also noted that Apple might release a new next gen 13.3 inch MacBook Air and will most likely discontinue the 11-inch model that is on the market currently.

Some previous reports from other people which were mentioning the MacBook Pro noted that Apple might have been looking at removing the headphone jack just as much as they had done on the iPhone 7. So if in any way the report is true, Apple fans better are ready to spend loads of cash on adapters and docks.


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