USB-C, A charger to charge them All! To some extent, it’s luxurious to have two laptop chargers. Every charger functions well, still one has to go through the boring routine of plugging, unplugging and wrapping up the charger.

The fact is, laptop chargers are really expensive. Extra 85W MagSafe 2 charger MacBook Pro costs about $85 from Apple and a Surface charger costs $79.99 which makes it a dream to carry two laptop chargers, and it’s sometimes unaffordable as well.

USB-C, A charger to charge them All
USB-C, A charger to charge them All

(Extra precautionary measures are to be taken in order to prevent charger from burning or any other harm which could be made by cheap products to the laptop).

USB-C is the solution of our problem. Many tech companies are taking up new port standards with the passage of time. It has made life easier as the problem of carrying chargers or plugging and unplugging them is resolved to some extent. Just put some cable beside your bed or on your desk. It is light to carry and is supported by multiple devices. However, as far as charging mystery is concerned, USB-C is both a blessing and curse.

USB-C can be quite irritatingly baffling. The phone can be charged from the laptop’s USB-C charger but you cannot charge your laptop.  “Fast Charge 3.0 compatible” works well with some of the appliances but not all of them. When you try to give the energy to Switch from MacBook Pro, it is observed that it drains your console instead of charging it.

The ports on laptop look alike but that does not mean their standard is also same. Some chargers are not capable of charging your laptops but some charging specifications can change your experience.

If you want a powerful gadget to charge your devices, then laptop chargers are highly recommended. This option might be costly but is far more efficient.


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