Just two days left for the Apple’s event that is scheduled to be held on September 12th. Apple will unveil their three upcoming flagships during this event. So, we all are eagerly waiting for that day.

Anyways, we have been able to gather several information about the upcoming iPhones through several leaks. And a new leak again reveals something very interesting.

The Upcoming Cheapest Entry Level iPhone is named as iPhone XC, Leak Suggests
The Upcoming Cheapest Entry Level iPhone is named as iPhone XC, Leak Suggests

The new leak suggests that the entry-level iPhone will be called as the iPhone XC. This is the cheapest model having a 6.1 inch LCD screen. The other two phones are iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The iPhone XS is the successor of iPhone X while the iPhone XS Max is the larger version of it.

Cheaper iPhone

An earlier report suggested that iPhone XC will be a cheaper phone like iPhone 5C. And it will be priced at $699. It was rumored that iPhone XC will be a budget phone like iPhone 5C. But, the new leak says something different. According to the leak, the iPhone XC will carry a price tag of $849. So, it can’t be called as the so-called cheaper phone. Rather it is a highly expensive phone like other iPhones.

The other models iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max will be expensive even more. The two devices will have a price tag of more than $900.

However, still, people are eagerly waiting for the devices to reach to the market. And as per the analysis, Apple will see huge sales for this three new iPhone this year. Altogether they are expected to deliver a big number of sales.

Another leak again revealed the color of iPhone XC. It is expected that the entry-level phone will be available in three colors, red, blue and white. So, you can pick your favorite color seamlessly.

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