Understands desk stands are primarily made out of urban wood. Urban wood is salvaged wood from downed trees in local areas. Understands uses these logs rather than sourcing lumber from faraway places creating a new appreciation for the distinctive grain, color and texture of the woods from their own city.

Help bring some urban wood into your concrete city with these two desk stands.

The Evo

MSRP: $109+

Designed by nature, with love. Part of the Live Edge Collection, the Evo is perfect for the best and most creative work ahead. Evo’s ‘live edge‘ made of northern Illinois’ sustainably harvested walnut, reminds us of what is beyond our office walls. You can almost see the profile of the tree that created this stand.

Understands Brings Nature to Your Desk with the Evo and Butler
Understands Brings Nature to Your Desk with the Evo and Butler

The iMac Undermount raises your monitor to a more optimal viewing height with style and the Apple Magic Keyboard storage underneath to keep your desk clean and simple while you’re away.

Optional: Single drawer with cable management

The Butler

MSRP: $69+

Are you the type of person that has a lot of things on your desk, but don’t know where to put them? Then the Butler is at your service. With a touch of sustainable walnut, this sliding desk shelf fits perfectly on the back of any iMac model, so whether you are wall facing or people facing the Butler has you covered.


Wall facing? Hide all of those ugly chargers, cords and hard drives behind your computer. People facing? Make your desk more approachable with some decorations.

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