The evolution of audio technology has introduced us to a lot of new products that has drastically changed our experience of listening to music. The advent of Bluetooth speakers in the contemporary world is a gift for those who like to add a musical touch to their life, no matter if they are working or traveling.

However, choosing the right Bluetooth speaker amidst the ocean of choices in the market can be quite a tedious task. And that’s exactly why we are here today – to help you get the best.

An Ultimate Buying Guide for a Bluetooth Speaker!
An Ultimate Buying Guide for a Bluetooth Speaker!

There are a number of factors that determine how good a particular Bluetooth speaker is and today we are going to look at some of the important aspects you have to consider before buying one for yourself.

So without wasting much time, let’s walk you through a buying guide for Bluetooth speakers!

Frequency Response and Audio Quality

In layman’s terms, the Frequency Response of any audio equipment is its range of audio reproduction ability. Human ears can only hear from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz, and thus the wider the range of any Bluetooth speaker, the better will be its quality of output.

That being said, it should also be kept in mind that the frequency response doesn’t always guarantee a good sound and it depends on how someone perceives the sound. But in general, check out for the Bluetooth speakers that offer the full range.

Bluetooth Version

Depending on what version of Bluetooth is offered by a particular speaker, the audio transmission quality varies and so does the maximum possible distance between the speaker and the phone. Bluetooth 4 is an ideal version as it supportable for a low energy profile, has a range of about 60 meters and improves the battery life as well.

What we would suggest is to go for Bluetooth 5 as it is the latest standard version that improves the data transmission range and rates significantly. However, not many speakers feature this version, so you might have to settle with Bluetooth 4.


The Bluetooth speakers have a heart and it is the driver. It is the most important part as it largely determines the quality of audio output, so make sure the speaker you are buying has a decent sized driver.

Generally, a 40mm driver is good to start with and it can be found in a number of speakers. But the bigger the driver, the better the sound gets.

Another major aspect on which the audio quality of any speaker depends is the number of drivers present in it and also their placement can bring about a huge difference. In the case of small Bluetooth speakers, you will find a single, full-driver positioned such as it faces upwards or downwards.

There are also twin driver setups in many speakers and they are generally much louder. Instead of woofers, the Bluetooth speakers have passive radiators installed in them which produce bass by vibrating. Electronic music and rock lovers must check if their speaker has passive radiators for a better experience.


Wouldn’t it be nice if your Bluetooth speaker had another optional connectivity like an auxiliary connector? It is marked as “Aux-in” on the body of the speaker. Other than broadening its spectrum of practicality, a wired connection also comes handy is saving battery life and in some cases, it can provide a better audio quality as well.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is featured in some Bluetooth speakers to quicken the pairing process with your device.

An Ultimate Buying Guide for a Bluetooth Speaker!

Furthermore, if your Bluetooth speaker has an inbuilt microphone, you can directly answer phone-calls through the speaker and till save you the trouble of looking for your phone.

In addition to that, with an inbuilt microphone, you can also interact with the virtual assistant of your Smartphone and get all your work done.

Other Features

Many Bluetooth speakers showcase a number of additional features like Google Assistant, FM Radio, etc. that promotes its usability and practicality. Who doesn’t like a versatile equipment, isn’t it?

Charging Style

To keep things simple, make sure the Bluetooth speaker has a USB charging port. That way you don’t have to worry about carrying the cable when visiting your friend’s place! Typically, most of the Bluetooth speakers come with a Micro-USB port so that you can charge it with a power bank as well in case you can’t find a wall socket.

Ruggedness and Durability

Portability is one of the most important aspects of any good Bluetooth speaker. And in order to ensure good portable characteristics, the build quality of the speaker should be rugged. So if you go out to the park or go for a hiking trip, you wouldn’t have to worry about exposing the speaker to any kind of weather.

For enhanced practicality, make sure the speaker is water-resistant so it can survive the occasional rainfall; you wouldn’t have to be concerned even if you accidentally drop it in the pool!

Also, make sure the speaker has a decent outer covering, preferably with metal housings as they are better than plastic and wouldn’t break or gets a dent if it falls on the ground.

Battery Life

Having a Bluetooth speaker with a good built-in battery is of great importance, especially if you go on long frequent outdoor trips. The performance output and the battery life of any Bluetooth speaker can vary from model to model. So make sure you check it properly without compromising either one of it.

Next up, look for a speaker dock as well. As a result, if the battery life of your speaker is good you can even charge a tablet or a Smartphone simultaneously while enjoying the music!


Lastly, it all comes down to the final thing – the price. Most of the buyers have a notion that the costliest speaker would have the best quality which is not always true. On the contrary, there are many Bluetooth speakers that offer an impressive quality for a low price.

So it is highly recommended not to buy an expensive speaker with the proper research. They are most prone to being easily damaged and at the end, you would end up wasting your money!

Also, read noise-canceling headphones.


So before you start browsing through the vast range of Bluetooth speakers, keep these points in mind and it will surely help you choose the best possible speaker!

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