App-based car service Uber is trying to make their service more attractive by introducing many more features that are actually economic for the riders. The company has recently announced about their new ‘arrive by’ feature in UberPool which aims to provide a peace of mind to the riders that they will be reaching the destination on time and in case of late, that is if they could not reach the destination as per the mentioned time, they will be entitled to receive $2 off in their next UberPool trip.


The Feature of Uberpool is Live in Los Angeles

But in order to enjoy the benefit you need to have the latest version of Uber app and then select UberPool to enter the pick-up point and destination after which it will display the latest time when you will reach the destination along with the price and even though other riders join in the midway, the time will remain same. If you are ok with the timing and price, just tap on ‘request UberPool’ and you will be good to go. However, you might also reach the place well before the mentioned time sometimes as the app shows exact latest time.

As of now, this feature of Uberpool is live in Los Angeles but the company has planned to roll out the feature in all other places as well soon.

Uberpool launched around two years back and is quite economic than UberX ride where riders need to share the trip with other riders and it allow them to save a great amount of money. The idea of Uberpool is actually helpful for the environment also that has reduced pollution and congestion in the cities. According to the drivers, they have seen more than 100million UberPool trip till date around the world. And hope this new arrive by feature will attract even more riders towards it.


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