The application based car service Uber has smoothed the way people travel and one can get into a car from anywhere and can go to everywhere they want. So people are not required to wait anymore to catch any bus or scheduled shuttle. But still, there are many people like a senior citizen who probably do not possess a smartphone or else even though have Smartphone are not well versed to use any app.UberCentral is coming to fill that gap.

This new service is like a central hub for companies who can book rides for their clients and customers.

UberCentral let companies request and pay for their customer's rides
UberCentral let companies request and pay for their customer’s rides

Most of The Elderly People can Utilize This UberCentral

This project targets both the low and earning marketplaces same time. All kind of companies or organization can use this service where booking a ride for clients become important. For example, the hotel agency can book a ride for their guests while the medical organization which deals with most of the elderly people can utilize this UberCentral to request a ride for their patients. With this, the need to own a Smartphone is eliminated for enjoying a Uber ride.

A business organization can book multiple cars at once through this app and at the same amount. Also, several types of Uber service can be ordered. What all is needed to book the car is to set a pickup location, provide the customer name and contact number with the destination and a Taxi message will reach to the rider’s phone. The rider then can reach to their destination through a Uber ride.

The introduction of this app will help the business organization and their customers a lot while the companies can easily increase the value of their customers along with overall experiences which are really vital in the retail atmosphere.

UberCentral is already available in US and Canada while another region too will receive it soon.


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