The app-based car service Uber announced on Friday that it will present the riders with a more transparent pricing system “Upfront fare” which will show up the exact fare to the riders that is the riders will get to know what fare they are required to pay before hailing the cab.

So, no more pop up showing the surge pricing and estimate rather than it will now tell you the guaranteed price to take you to the destination. But it does not indicate that the surge pricing is going away rather it will be included in the upfront fare if applicable. So while you proceed to book the ride, just enter the destination and Uber will calculate the exact fare after which it will be presented to you before booking the ride. Knowing the fare in advance is really appreciating and it will no doubt attract more riders to book Uber again and again.

Uber Replaces Surge Pricing With A More Of Upfront Fare System
Uber Replaces Surge Pricing With A More Of Upfront Fare System

Uber launched UberPool almost two years ago in San Francisco and the upfront fare feature was introduced right then with this app. As of today, UberPool is accounted for almost 20 percent of the global ride. So, after experiencing a great success, the company is now planning to bring this feature in its other services such as UberGo, UberX etc.

Upfront Fare Feature Introduced With This App

The new pricing is calculated similarly to the old surge pricing which is based on distance, expected time, traffic, the number of drivers available that time and number of riders requesting a ride at that point of time. But the good thing is you will know the price beforehand.

Riders can always make a change in the middle of the ride that is to be updated either by the rider or driver and the new price will be displayed. Also in case the drive changes the route, the fare will still remain the same. This feature will be rolled out globally in next few months while many have already received it as a part of the roll out.