Many experts at Uber believe that their future greatly depends on investing in self-driving cars. It will not only be more profitable for the company but this approach will keep them relevant. As prominent automakers are investing in autonomous vehicles, Uber can keep their business up to date by introducing the technology to the business.

Self-driving cars will allow the company to enjoy the 100 percent of the fare and will cut the price for hiring a driver. Moreover, the car can run 24 hours a day. However, the company’s efforts going towards autonomous vehicles seem to be in trouble. It was previously reported that their approach was causing friction within the organization, especially among the executive leadership.

Uber Resumes Self-driving car tests after Accident
Uber Resumes Self-driving car tests after Accident

Despite the friction within the organization, Uber went ahead and introduced its self-driving-car pilot programs in different areas. Uber launched the car tests in Pittsburgh in September. Ever since the company has been using Ford Fusion cars to pick up passengers.

A few days back, these pilot programs were suspended in Arizona and Pittsburgh after one of the self-driving-vehicle was involved in an accident on Friday. At first, it was not revealed whether Uber will resume the program of not but the company announced that the program will continue as a usual beginning on Monday.

In Tempe, Arizona, one of Uber’s self-driving car, Volvo SUVs, flipped after an accident. According to the police report, there were luckily no injuries and that the Uber vehicle was not responsible for the crash; in fact, the other car was cited for a moving violation.

After the news of the accident came forward, Uber suspended its self-driving car tests in all three areas; San Francisco, Arizona, and Pittsburgh. The company still hasn’t used the autonomous cars in Sans Francisco yet to pick up passengers. Instead, the company is using its two self-driving vehicles for mapping purposes and they are currently driven manually.


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