The leading cab app company Uber has issued a warning against an employee who is an engineer and has allegedly stolen the self-driving car technology along with the trade secrets. The employee named Anthony Levandowski has stolen the same from the Alphabet’s unit Waymo.

The warning has been issued by Uber to comply with the court orders or he has the potential risk to be fired from the company. The company also said that it would take the necessary adverse employment action against him if Anthony fails to comply with the court orders.

Uber Issues Warnings to the Employee who Stole the Self-Driving Technology
Uber Issues Warnings to the Employee who Stole the Self-Driving Technology

A report claimed that Anthony has continuously invoked the 5th Amendment in the case. This cites the potential of criminal action that could lead to his self-incrimination. Last week, the court had ordered Uber to exercise the maximum extent of its employment, corporate, contractual and other forms of authority to force Anthony to return any of the downloaded materials to Waymo.

Following the court orders, Uber has sent a warning letter to Anthony by giving him a choice of either denying the fact that he has ever taken the downloaded materials from Waymo or hand the entire materials that he has taken from Google. If Anthony would fail to comply with the same, he would be risking termination of his employment in Uber. The self-driving car company of Google’s Waymo had filed a lawsuit against Uber in February for allegedly stealing the trade secrets and self-driving car technology from it.

Anthony is accused of having downloaded around 9.7 GB of the trade secrets and confidential files of Waymo including the designs, blueprints, and the testing documentation. He had copied all the files to an external drive. He, later on, wiped and formatted the laptop in an attempt to erase the forensic fingerprints.


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