Uber has been facing plenty of controversies these days. Uber recently announced that they were going to prohibit the use of its “Greyball” to evade regulators. The matter was brought to light last week by The New York Times. Greyball was initially developed to show fake or no cars at all on a specific faux version of the app to users who had previously violated the terms of services or had been reported for harassment. But soon the tool was used for shadier purposes.

The company has been finding its way to offend both the regulators and the users. Stories of high-profile sexual harassment have been surfacing in media.

Uber tries to take on another controversy: Banning the use of Greyball
Uber tries to take on another controversy: Banning the use of Greyball

Apart from that, a video has been released showing Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick ignoring and arguing with a driver complaining about the pay cuts.

Uber has also faced protests after appointing Mr. Kalanick to the administration’s economic advisory council. It wasn’t easy for Uber on the social media either; a #deleteUber campaign on Twitter also became viral after the company accursedly tried to take advantage of a pro-immigrant taxi strike that took place in January.

And now the recent revelation of “Greyballing” against regulators couldn’t come at a worse time.  Facing these numerous backlashes and weeks of bad press, Uber is trying to fix its relations and improve its image.

The tool which was used for safety purposes for drivers was misused to trick city officials and enforcement officers not allowing them to oversee the Uber expansion whenever an Uber moved into a new city.

Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer said that the company is,

expressly prohibiting its use to target action by local regulators going forward.

But he also added that

it will take some time to ensure this prohibition is fully enforced.

Uber desperately needs to repair its image, and this step is a start, only time will tell if this measure is enough or not.


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