Uber Technologies Inc, the popular car service application is getting noticeable improvements in various features that mainly aim to cut down the pain of the drivers. If a driver of Uber is asked about their experience, most of them start happily but finally express their long list of complaints. But Uber is now actively looking at this fact and rolling out a slew of a new feature that will make the drivers more satisfied.


Uber Allow to Pickup and Drop Passengers in a Very Specific Route

The destination is one such feature in Uber that is being expanded which will allow users to pick up and drop passengers in a very specific route. The feature enables drivers to enter their destination and they will start receiving ride request along their route. In case any request compels them to change the route, it will be filtered out. Also, Drivers are provided with the option to pause any kind of incoming request while they are calling the day off or is in a middle of a fare, need to go to the bathroom or else is busy in doing some other job while this will not have any bad impact on their rating.

Another feature says that if any rider makes the driver waiting for more than two minutes, they need to incur an extra fee that is good for drivers. Also, Uber has planned to take care of the Driver earning in a far better way by introducing branded debit card which allows the drivers to receive their earning instantly.

The company also went on to say that the drivers can be again benefitted from discounted rides who all want to sit in the backseat of Uber car. The drivers can win 15% off on their next UberX ride upon completing 10 trips a week while 20 trips in a week will allow them to win 50% off on the next UberBLACK ride.


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