Uber has announced of adding a new feature “Scheduled Rides” in their app based car service that will allow users to request a ride from 30 minutes to 30 days in advance. But Uber is not the first to introduce this feature as their main rival Lyft too started testing the same feature in San Francisco but only for 24 hours in advanced. Currently this feature is being tested by Uber in Seattle and later on it will be rolled in all other business travel city. This feature is targeted towards the business customers and it is only for UberX not for Uber Black.

Scheduled rides

Setting up Scheduled Rides is Pretty Simple

Setting up a Scheduled Rides is pretty simple where the users are required to pick up the date, time, location and destination as usual and you are all set to go. It does not require any extra charges while the surge prices will be in effect which is applicable for the normal Uber service. The cost estimate will be indicated to you as you schedule the trip and it also comes with the opportunity to cancel the scheduled ride without any cancellation fee if you cancel the ride within 5 minutes of dispatching the car.

You should not be Worried About The Availability of Uber Car at the Needed Time

Here the main advantage is that you should not be worried about the availability of Uber car at the needed time. Also the car service application will send reminders to the riders for their Scheduled Rides once 24 hours and again 30 minutes before the Scheduled Rides. The users will be notified again as the driver start his journey and in case surge pricing takes effect, that too will be notified.

So, with this feature Uber is planning to provide one more convenient ride option in your city.


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