Facebook is keeping on giving resources to fine-tuning how 3D sound effects viewer recognitions in virtual reality. Today, the social media giant and Oculus parent organization reported that they have bought immersive sound organization Two Big Ears and will be making their technology free as a piece of their new Facebook 360 Spatial Workshop. The Edinburgh-based organization, which has been around since 2013, has some expertise in spatial 3D sound in cinematic and gaming experiences.

Two Big Ears wrote about their grand vision in a blog entry detailing the acquisition.

At Two Big Ears, we’ve been working diligently making technology and tools that have defined how immersive sound is made and experienced in VR and AR both now and later on. We’re glad to see the effect our work has had on such a large number of great projects…

Our mission is to make VR sound succeed over all gadgets and platforms and keep on helping makers make the best experiences for billions of people over the world.

The organization’s technology focuses to a great extent on how sound plays in 3D spaces and how it interacts with surfaces that surround the viewer. If you have a couple of earphones you can see a demo of the organization’s disarmingly cool technology.

Further progress in building hyperrealistic 3D sound is a major get for Facebook video and the Oculus platform. Both the Gear VR and Rift support the immersive sound technology and the way that Facebook is opening up Two Big Ears’ 3Dception technology for free to developers is a decent move to keep content creators happy.

The organization had two immersive sound products based on solutions for both VR and gaming. While the cinematic VR item has transformed into the free “Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation,” Two Big Ears will be working with the Oculus team on an approach to integrate the gaming programming.

One of the questions on a lot of developers’ minds is likely whether this device is just going to be compatible with the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Two Big Ears realized this was a cause for concern and tended to it specifically, saying they would “keep on being platform and device agnostic.”

With the Two Big Ears buy, Facebook has made it easier for developers to improve their experiences and has reinforced the organization’s draw in making the social media website the default center for immersive VR video content.


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