Twitter finally launched their set of stickers for all. All the social sites seemed to be bursting with exciting stickers and now Twitter is up on the list too. The company had promised its users that they would be soon rolling out a new way to prettify the pictures they share across the Twitter network. The users now have access to a library of emoji, accessories, and other props which they can use to decorate images, rotate and even resize.

This step of Twitter shows how fixated Twitter is on catching up with the other social networking sites like Snapchat and Facebook who have always made accessible an assortment of stickers, emoji’s and picture editing tools for years.

Twitter’s Stickers Go Live
Twitter’s Stickers Go Live

If Twitter decides on venturing into paid downloads and brand-sponsored stickers then it is definitely going to impact the business.

For instance, a Japanese mobile messaging app is making about $20 million every month just by selling sticker packs. The packs are rated between $1 to $2 for about a dozen or more stickers. The company seems to be minting $270 million every year only from stickers.

It would make sense then if Twitter would want to undertake this profitable area of business and try to make more revenue from a still user base that’s no longer rising by any noteworthy numbers. In their Quarterly 2 sharings, they revealed that they had about 313 million active users which seem to have grown just about 3% from last year and less than 1% from its previous quarter.

Twitter users seem to be facing a lot of trolling problems which discourages people from joining the social site and many others who are already there and have chosen to discontinue the site.

The company has managed to extract something through advertising, which is small if compared to the others but they seemed to have increased their revenue by 18% through ads.

Twitter also announced that they would fix their app so that the users would be able to edit their tweets, discourse the proliferating abuse and make some more other changes.


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