The blue checkmark in Twitter is coming to all the Twitter users now as the company has announced that all users are now able to apply for verified accounts which will require them to fill up a form online.

All Twitter Users are Now Able to Apply for Verified Accounts
All Twitter Users are Now Able to Apply for Verified Accounts

The users should have a verified phone number, an email id, and a real profile photo, that’s it. Before today this verified account was only for the high profile sectors such as media, sports, brand, music and public figures. However, Twitter has still declared that now also an account will be verified after determining if it is of public interest.

This announcement came into light after the very popular comedian Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones received a hate speech and high amount of racist remarks from anonymous users. Such type of comment forced the star to ask for better and much stronger Twitter guidelines. This kind of harassment have grown heavily and this is the reason most of the high profile chose not to face such random attacks from the strangers.

310 Million Monthly Users, Only 187,000 of Them Verified Accounts

According to the company report, they have 310 million monthly active users while only 187,000 users of them have verified accounts. So, this difference is highly noticeable and it puts pressure to offer the anti-harassment tools that are more and more people will be able to interact with only those who have verified accounts.

Also according to the company they want to make the situation even better by helping people in finding the creators and influencers easily which will also define the need for applying for verified accounts perfectly. This way people will be able to follow great numbers of creators and influencers while these influencers and creators will have a better opportunity to connect with larger audiences.


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