While all including the social platforms are trying their best to prevent the terrorist from ending thousands of innocent lives, Twitter too is not behind on the list. This social networking platform has already suspended around 235.000 accounts in the course of violating policies so as to promote extremists in the last six months.

After the mishap, the terror attack in Paris while the Obama administration criticised most of the social platform for not doing their part, Twitter started their part of the job and in February they announced of suspending over 125.000 accounts in the last six months.

Twitter Hang Up 235.000 Accounts For Violating Polices In Extremist Promotion
Twitter Hang Up 235.000 Accounts For Violating Polices In Extremist Promotion

According to the company their suspension rate is high about 80% compared to the last year and this kind of suspension take  a boost just after any terror attack while the extremists wish to tout their achievement.

Twitter has stated that their team who usually review the reports of misuse in the networking service is being expanded and this team works 24 hours a day. A spam fighting tool is also introduced by the company to fight the terrorist group which reduces the time extremists stay on Twitter and the number of followers they could gain. Along with this, an anti-harassment tool was also rolled out by Twitter that let users  get hide tweets which appear automatically and users can also choose the limit of notification so that they will receive from the people they follow.

With all these, the presence of ISIS terrorist in Twitter is actually reduced more than 90% than 2014, according to the security analyst J.M. Berger. However, she also went to state that ISIS users are still in a constant battle to open a new account in Twitter so as to replace the closed ones as the social platform like Twitter and Facebook are the place through where they can reach to the broader world.


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