Whenever someone was new to Twitter, with no customized display picture, the infamous Twitter Egg was set to be the default profile picture. It was recently announced that Twitter has changed the default picture to a genderless silhouette with a gum-drop shaped head. Even though the Egg picture seemed completely harmless, Twitter thought that it was important to replace it.

The change was intentional to make the default display picture blender, it was meant to be less interesting, urging the new users to update their account and encourage them to customize and put their own display picture.

Twitter Replaces the Infamous Default Egg Picture
Twitter Replaces the Infamous Default Egg Picture

In the announcement post, Twitter said that they carefully chose this specific image since it was, “generic, universal, serious, unbranded, temporary, and inclusive.” The other rejected versions included simple gray stripes, landscape images, and a variety of other head shapes.

The egg default picture was pretty popular among the Twitter users; it identified a new user who was all a “Twitter egg”. Even though the original concept was quite interesting and creative, considering the bird icon of the website, but it was causing many problems. Twitter’s blog acknowledged that the Twitter egg had become associated to abusive and offensive behavior on the social media.

Old users used to bully users with a Twitter egg display, considering they were new to the website and many users took advantage of their anonymous account to harass others. Although this step is minor considering the problem of social media harassment, but at least this shows that one of the most used social media platforms has acknowledged that there is an issue.

They’ve tried putting a face to the problem and hopefully, this will throw some more light to social media offenses that usually go ignored. However, a concrete step must be taken to overcome this problem instead of simply changing a default profile picture.


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