Twitter is taking new, appreciated steps to increase the safety of their users. The company announced recently that the changes in the website will be implemented over the next few months. The company is trying to make the internet a safe place for tweeters by maintaining a suitable balance and saving them from online crimes and harassment.

The new design will include algorithms that will help identify and issue warnings to users that engage in abusive behaviors. The victims will not have to bear the burden of reporting it. Twitter will also allow users to limit and filter through their audience. Twitter accounts have always been public and countless users have felt uneasy with that format.

Twitter Takes New Measures To Create A Safe Environment For Users
Twitter Takes New Measures To Create A Safe Environment For Users

Now, the company aims to provide a fine balance and limit certain account functionality. The users will be allowed to let certain followers view a tweet. They can also set amount of time for its visibility. These new filtering options will also give users more control over what they want to see.

They can control the content visible from certain accounts or unfamiliar email addresses or phone numbers. The app’s new functionality will also allow the users to mute selected tweets from their home timeline and set the time duration for the content to be muted.

The website also aims to be more transparent about the actions were taken in response to harassment cases to show the consequences of such acts. Previous attempts at security by Twitter proved to be nearly useless; however, these changes seem substantial for now. The approach is completely defensive and obviously, doesn’t guarantee a 100% result.

Twitter is walking the fine line of censorship and freedom of useful communication. Currently, there are no effective laws against online crime. Until proper punishment is not decided for online abusers, websites like twitter can only take a defensive approach to satisfy their users.


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