Twitter that was all time high is now showing a down of 78% stock. In fact, even the growth of the active users has slowed down and now it is forecasted that the growth of the annual revenue is slowing same as the previous two-quarters.

Twitter offers real-time information and so users are happy to react and to know the things going around in the world. The speculation of Twitter slowing down is not surprising for its shortcomings and flaws, yet it is a valuable asset.

On the other hand, Facebook is seeing success and is getting journalists, celebrities, and media firms to connect with Instagram as well. After LinkedIn, there are not properties that are mobile and social, say The Street’s founder, Jim Cramer and also the Twitter manager.

Twitter is the New Big Target to be acquired
Twitter is the New Big Target to be acquired

Twitter has made huge progress as a video platform and has driven and is driving huge growth through its core video service in the video views. Especially, the Periscope live streaming service and 6-second Vine service is the best.

Twitter moved its video presence today by increasing the standard length of video uploads from 30 seconds to 140 seconds and is offering the Vine users to include videos to a length of 140 seconds, alongside the regular clip of six-seconds.

It also created an app with Facebook to help celebrities in managing their accounts and also to see how fans are getting connected. Twitter on Monday announced an A1 start-up, a major acquisition in the aim of improving it video content.

Twitter is showing advancement and so stands a better chance under new owners to reach its potential, thus address the interface flaws and to broaden the user experience. New owners may improve flagging ad execution confirms Cramer.

Acquiring Twitter is also not straight as Google has long said its aim is to organize the global information and to make it universally useful and accessible. So, Google may migrate Twitter to its own cloud infrastructure, thereby integrate Twitter with Google News, Google Now and YouTube.