If you have an account on Twitter, it might be the right time to consider changing your password. News surfaced on 8th June that more than 32 million Twitter username and password is being hacked and put on sale on the dark web. The story first brought to light by LeakedSource, a site that maintains the database of leaked login credentials and claims to remove the name of people from this list for a price. A day after that hacking news, Twitter had cross-checked their database for the password and indicated that around 10 millions of username and password are currently available on Dark web.

Twitter Accounts Appeared On Dark Web
Twitter Accounts Appeared On Dark Web

Twitter Identified The Accounts That Are Locked

Twitter also stated that they are confident enough that the leaked passwords are not obtained from their server, rather it is the conspiracy of some other breached site while some hidden malware in the user’s computer has given rise to such issue. However, Twitter has identified the accounts that are locked and have been advised to go for a password reset. Even though the number of accounts chosen by Twitter to lock is not mentioned but according to them, the affected people already received an email stating the situation.

LeakedSource to mentioned they have strong evidence that Twitter was not hacked rather it was its users, and they have suggested that the information was obtained from malware infected computers rather than the Twitter database which was identified from the formatting techniques. LinkedIn and Myspace too faced the same situation but in the case of them, the passwords were hacked from the internal database itself.

Twitter has taken the opportunity to reiterate its safety guidelines advising its users not to use the same password for multiple services which makes the job easier for hackers. So, check your mail to find out if you have received any emails from Twitter to reset your password.


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