Twitters settled up account verifying system, outlawing right-winger in harassment and abuse onslaught

Twitter has been getting fuel of criticism over its failure and passive efforts to attack the level of the sexism, racism, anti-feminism and homophobia on its micro-blog. At last, on Monday the vice president of engineering, Ed Ho, has announced a new line of attack to stop abuse in days and hours, instead of week and months like past.

Twitter Announced New Line of Attack to Crackdown Abuse and Harassment
Twitter Announced New Line of Attack to Crackdown Abuse and Harassment

Giving the examples of GamerGate controversy and Donald Trump’s campaign, the minorities, activists, and feminists are protesting against the harassment and hate speeches on this fast blogging site and the fully acknowledged ignorance of the company on this entire issue.

After many indifferent efforts to permit victims of hate speech and abuse to report, and apparently with half-hearted insight to a fast expanding problem with newNazi abuse, the company says they are giving maximum attempts to stop the issue.

Protection Plan by Twitter

Ho did not unveil the whole protection plan by Twitter, putting light on some plans he also kept some things secret, but confirms that the company would

tackle long overdue fixes to mute/block and stopping repeat offenders from creating new accounts.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has also promised to throw his weight behind the flaming criticism on the company’s fully acknowledged indifference to what is a big problem.

Anecdotally, this new action is sheepishly welcomed by the users regardless of its unclear unveiling to the public. On one hand, Twitter bans professional trolls like Milo from the blog for frequent ethnic aggression, on the other hand neo-Nazi Richard Spencer – enlisting his personality as “the Karl Marx of the Alt-Right” – needs to be thrown out of the site, regardless of a significant dedication to provocative language of his own.


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