On the first day of PAX East, Twitch, the popular leading video platform, and community for gamers announced that they were introducing a new Friends List feature soon.

The new feature is meant to allow Twitch users to connect with their Friend List users since they can see who is online. Through a single click, one can send a message to online friends. Twitch also gives users the option to add up to 500 users to their list.

Twitch To Introduce Friends List Feature, Invitation Only
Twitch To Introduce Friends List Feature, Invitation Only

The feature, which is still in beta state, will be sent out to a select group of users to check it out and identify any bugs that might need working on. As and when users get the invitation for the beta stage, they can then befriend any one of the Twitch user bases. These Friend requests that they will use to befriend one another will also be used as a way to invite other users to the beta stage.

Unfortunately, only attendees of the PAX East conference can sign up for the beta stage. Twitch planned to set up a registration booth on the 23rd of April at the conference for the beta program. For those who are not at PAX East, they have to wait until a user sends them a request to enter the beta program.

The feature is part of a long list of functions that Twitch has introduced over the years, some which include, Party Chat and private messaging, which is also known as whispers.

Friends is the latest social feature in Twitch’s ongoing effort to help gamers connect with one another,” said Marcus Graham, the director of programming for Twitch.


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