iTunes and Apple Music services are some of the best music and video streaming services out there. It enables the users to purchase and stream music files, movies, audiobooks using a single application. The service also comes with an Internet Radio station. While the features offered are seemingly limitless, its usability is constrained to apple devices and iPhones.

One of the major restrictions is the DRM protection, that Digital Rights Management that restricts the platforms where the media can be purchased and streamed.  This DRM protection is a commonality in all of Apple’s applications purchased via the iTunes Store. This is where DRM removal tools come handy. They allow us to remove DRM from the purchasing intent and help us stream media in the devices we prefer.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is one such amazing tool that enables us to helps us stream Apple Music anytime, anywhere and on any device.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter: Tool for Converting Apple Music to Mp3
TuneFab Apple Music Converter: Tool for Converting Apple Music to Mp3

Notable Features of The TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Speedy Conversion

The speed of DRM removal and format conversion in TuneFab is absolutely stunning. It does not suffer from slackening conversion rates. This is a major bonus for the users. The application comes with a batch conversion mode that enables this lightning-fast conversion.

Multiple Platform Support

What sets TuneFab apart from other DRM removal applications and tools is the fact that is can support a wide variety of formats. It can extend support to all of iTunes’s audio formats including MP4, Apple Music, AAC, Audiobooks etc.


The mark of a good tool lies in its ability to let the user personalize the application to suit his preferences. TuneFab possesses this adaptability in spades. It enables the user to specify the choice of conversion as well. Users can now adjust audio file parameters to their needs.

iTunes Compatibility

The TuneFab is not just for converting Apple Music to Mp3. The application is seamlessly compatible with iTunes and can be used to convert Apple Audiobooks and iTunes video to audio while removing the DRM protection.

Other interesting features of the tool include the support for retaining the media files even after the subscription period of Apple Music, the ability to extract just the audio from the video file etc.

The TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a wonderfully amazing too for DRM removal and has a clean and easy to use interface that makes your format conversion and protection removal experience an enjoyable and speedy one.

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