After joining Cabana chat, anyone in the room will be able to browse through YouTube and select a video. It’ll start playing for everyone in the room, and the idea is that you’ll all be able to watch it together, enjoying each others’ silence or chatting over the entire thing. The new feature in Tumblr allows the users to choose any video from YouTube and pay it for everyone who is in the chat group.

Tumblr founder and CEO said that he was surprised to find out that this idea was not implemented yet. Despite being such a simple concept and idea, none of the major tech giants implemented it. You can send the link to a video to your friends but an experience of watching it together was still not experienced by the people. The idea of watching and reacting to the same thing at the same time, despite being at different places in the world, is quite interesting.

Tumblr's video chat app allows you to watch YouTube videos with friends

Karp’s expectation is that people will use Cabana to bring in a hilarious, amazing or an absurd video they have just found. It will give people an experience of sitting together and observing each other’s reaction towards a certain video from the YouTube.

Cabana is a new experience for Tumblr itself; Tumblr is surrounded by strangers with shared interests, while Cabana is all about bringing friends together who are familiar with each other’s interests. Cabana is not linked with Tumblr, due to this reason you’ll have to find your friends again from your contact list of your phone.

This allows Tumblr to connect people in an unusual way than it already does. Karp said that they analyze each app carefully before launching it. The app should be meaningful and should be approaching more audience. In spite of this, the company’s main focus is on Tumblr.

Cabana started in a Yahoo incubator and after watching a demo Karp became interested in it. Then a few months later, it was brought under Tumblr.


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