Users have a chance to get their blogs monetized over in Tumblr, with the flexibility for the users who want to opt out having a choice to do so by turning off the advertising on their blogs. Which means that the advertisements on blogging sites on Tumblr will be default – which would allow Tumblr to monetize a network of 306 million blogs just from sixty-five million users.

Tumblr To Allow Ads For The Blogs
Tumblr To Allow Ads For The Blogs

Tumblr is Where People With Creativity

Tumblr is where people with creativity, brilliance, fun come together and share their ideas to the world. Whereas some have even brought their passion to be turned into book deals, jobs, music careers and paid concerts with the coming of Creators program and what more than to have it open to any who are eligible on Tumblr – whether your passion belongs to the poem, fan artist, music and much more.

All your queries on the partner program will be detailed and shared soon, not to forget that users won’t be able to make money unless they register to the program, which is definitely coming soon.

Tumblr Ads Will Appear In Three Places

These programs will give an opportunity for the brands to connect with the Tumblr users, unlike having the advertisers to work with third party networks. According to Tumblr, these ads will appear in three places, which are the main page of the blog, that section of the web which is a slide-out, of course, on Tumblr’s mobile apps and the web.

Tumblr wishes to continue and deliver ad solutions. Tumblr is keen on growing its business and also maximizing value for their community and advertisers.

These significant changes come at a time when Tumblr’s future was literally up in the air. In spite of Verizon acquiring Yahoo in a multi-billion dollar deal, whether Tumblr would fit in with Verizon’s ad strategy, or if Tumblr would be left alone like how Yahoo did something that we have to wait and watch.


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