The President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, said that he talked to the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, about bringing the manufacturing of Apple products to the US.

Trump wants Apple's manufacturing made in the USA
Trump wants Apple’s manufacturing made in the USA

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump said that he had told the Apple boss that one of his main visions was for the smartphone giant to bring manufacturing jobs in the US, with the company building a factory or even factories in the US rather than outsource it to the Chinese or to Vietnam as they were currently doing.

The most valuable company did not reply to requests for comment or to confirm that the interview did take place.

The issue of bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US is a big ask because many of the jobs have been leaving the US for the past decade and a half. Back in 2012, the CEO of Apple at the time, Steve Jobs, said that those jobs were not going to come back, as he was speaking with President Obama. It seems that the same notion still applies today. One of the reasons that Apple has been pushing their manufacturing jobs over to China is that since that is the country they get most of their components, getting everything from one location is an expense reduction service.

At the moment, there is no enticing factor that can bring the jobs back to the US, but according to Trump sources, he intends to slash the tax that corporations are supposed to pay in the country. He also plans to remove regulations that many people deem to be ridiculous at the moment. The Trump presidency is also said to have floated the idea that they will increase the tax on all goods which will be imported from the US.

It’s unclear whether Trump is just dropping names so that he can make it look like there is any progress.


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