President Trump is said to be tweeting from his old Android phone, even when he is in the White House (and even after being given a new phone!).

According to the report, Donald Trump is using his unsecured Android phone that we witnessed in his campaign speeches. Even though he has been handed secure device just before his inauguration, he is still tweeting from the same phone…his personal phone.

Trump still being old-fashioned or lazy with smartphone?
Trump still being old-fashioned or lazy with smartphone?

The revelation came with mix reactions from the security analysts. The analysts said the usage old Android doesn’t pose a national threat, just by tweeting, but it’s a valid question what else he might be doing with the Android device, that might pose a risk.

If all that President Trump does with that Android phone is a tweet, then it’s not a [security] problem

said Roger Entner, a long-time analyst on mobile and security matters at Recon Analytics.

If he does more than that, then it becomes a significant problem especially if the Android phone travels with the President overseas.

However, Entner said it is possible some hacker or group could pose as President Trump using his @realDonaldTrump handle. Doing that likely would require breaking into secure Twitter servers or the wireless and wired network infrastructure used to reach Twitter from any device. Or, someone could gain access to his Twitter username and password, which becomes more possible if he has trusted other people to access his account.

Hackers can pose like him on any device and that’s more about his Twitter security, not the phone security, Entner explained.

The main problem is if someone hacks his unsecured Android phone, then they can always locate where the phone is and in all likelihood where he is. This is the kind of metadata that the spy agencies thrive on when going after their targets, Entner said.


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