Tripwire Interactive has publically declared that Killing Floor 2 which happens to be their cooperative online action game (first person) will be launched on August 29 on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

The price has been decided as $/€ 39.99 and £29.99 and would comprise of all the content packs released earlier – The Descendant and elements of The Summer Sideshow and The Tropical Bash.

Tripwire Interactive to Launch Killing Floor 2 on Microsoft’s Xbox One this August
Tripwire Interactive to Launch Killing Floor 2 on Microsoft’s Xbox One this August

Also, the same press release had also said that Tripwire was occupied with certain enhancements of Xbox One X – one of these enhancements would be support for 4K

Senior Graphics Programmer on Killing Floor 2, Dave Elder said that Xbox One X was quite easy to develop and it was just about a matter of four hours that was taken to have it programmed.

Killing Floor 2 functions at 1800p with fixed resolutions on Xbox One X (it is checkerboarding free). An experiment was done with 4k rendering but a frame rate drop was seen which was quite substantial. There is an ideal steadiness between the performance and pictorial excellence because of 1800 p in Killing Floor 2.

Despite the fact that the game runs at a higher frame rate compared to the base Xbox One at a resolution of 1800p there are no distinct frame rate targets for Xbox One X. There will be Ultra textures used on Xbox One X and the resolution of the shadow map and shadow draw distance is being increased, added Elder.

The Killing Floor 2 on PlayStation 4 Pro also has 1800p resolution and Ultra textures, however, it uses checkerboard rendering instead of native resolution. Tripwire Interactive gave a negative answer when it was asked about their plans on the introduction of HDR support system on a platform. For now, the final version of the game will remain confined to the PCs.


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