Uber, one of the most popular ridesharing company that was founded eight years back will soon face a ban in London due to use of a deceptive software called Greyball. Even though Londoners need to go through a great difficulty due to this but this decision came from the Transportation regulators.

According to them, the transportation regulation of London is designed to ensure the safety of their passengers and unfortunately, Uber is not a proper fit for that. And this has made them deny a new operating license to Uber.

Transport Regulators To Prohibit Uber In London Soon
Transport Regulators To Prohibit Uber In London Soon

The main reason to face this ban is the use of the Greyball software by Uber. As claimed by the Transportation regulators, Uber uses the Greyball software as a hidden app in their main Uber app that is mainly designed to target some specific users. And it has also stopped the Transport regulators to access the Uber app properly in London.

However, Uber is really astounded by this decision and they have stated to move to the court to challenge this decision. As per the general manager of Uber in London, Tom Elvidge, more than 3.5 million people in London make use of Uber to avail a comfortable travel and if this decision really stands out, the Londoners will be deprived of a comfortable and convenient transport while the drivers too will be affected by it.

Uber employs almost 40,000 licensed drivers only in London, so a ban on Uber will put all these drivers out of work. He also added that all the drivers who are employed by them need to go through a serious background check same as the black cab drivers.

Anyways, few more days to enjoy the Uber ride in London as they have 21 days in hand to appeal the decision and during this time they are allowed to operate. Their current license will expire this 30th September.

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