Transdev is a global leader in mobility and autonomous operations and is inviting participants at this week’s breakthrough new mobility conference to take a ride in its EasyMile autonomous shuttle on the expo’s Street of the Future.

Autonomous shuttles will be a natural addition to the mobility ecosystem in cities. They will be deployed as first/last-mile solutions to link passengers to and from public transit, and will also be ideal for shuttles in downtown areas, historic districts, convention centers, airports, universities, and corporate campuses.

Transdev at LA CoMotion "Street of the Future" Mobility Exhibition
Transdev at LA CoMotion “Street of the Future” Mobility Exhibition

Transdev is developing a comprehensive fleet management system for autonomous shuttles with multiple partners including Delphi, Renault-Nissan, and Lohr. The company currently has AV deployments in France in Civaux, Rouen, and Rungis, as well as Babcock Ranch near Fort Myers, Florida, with more locations coming in 2018.

The Future of Mobility

At Transdev, we are convinced that mobility will increasingly be P.A.C.E.: Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric. Cities will have a mix of traditional transit along major corridors, plus new on-demand and “micro-transit” services that are more personalized. Apps will become more helpful, accurate and predictive, connecting passengers to the best information at every step in their journey. AVs and electric buses will become more prevalent as part of transit systems. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) options will enable passengers to book any of the modes of transport available in their region. These will further optimize the choices and convenience of every passenger.

Says Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America.

In LA this week, the company will showcase some of its current innovations including

1) Rides on its autonomous shuttle and a look at its “command and control center” for dispatching/operating autonomous fleets,

2) Transdev Link, which connects people to and from transit stops that are too far to walk to, bringing transit to their front door, and

3) Transdev’s GoMobile, an all-in-one passenger app that offers digital fare payments, real-time “where’s my bus” info, and trip planning —that together ensure more seamless, informed trips.

LA CoMotion is sparking a global dialogue about the urban mobility revolution—and the important role public agencies and innovators can together play in helping people commute with ease and reliability. Transdev is delighted to be a partner of LA CoMotion because we are convinced that solving the transportation challenges of the future requires thoughtful leadership, partnership, and innovation.

Said Yann Leriche, CEO of the Transdev North America.

About Transdev:

Transdev is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of public transit. With operations in 19 countries, Transdev works with public transportation agencies in thousands of cities to operate buses, BRT, light rail, metro, commuter rail, ferries, streetcars, paratransit and special care services, and autonomous vehicles. We are dedicated to continually improving the passenger experience and innovating to offer new mobility options to transit authorities in cities, counties, airports, universities and corporate campuses.

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