Wish to save all the important data of your iPhone safely? With TouchCopy, you are ensured the best and the safest mode to create the backup of your iPhone, iPod, iPad at an instant.

With its use, you can keep all your vital data including images, videos, audio files, messages and even contact lists safe by enabling backup. You just need to download the software onto your system and with one click of a button, you can have it all.

TouchCopy -The Best Backup Software for Your iPhone
TouchCopy -The Best Backup Software for Your iPhone

Why Need Backup?

With the advancement of the technology, as the gadgets like smartphones and much more are becoming user-friendly; there is also a higher risk of the data in them getting violated or used for the wrong means. The data of the users can be hacked by the malicious groups and thus needs to be protected.

Your iPhone might be the storehouse of all important activities and events related to your life. From the personal images, videos and audio files to confidential messages and email. TouchCopy can help you save all of these with much ease. Even the WhatsApp messages can be kept safe from unauthorized access with the help of this software.

What is TouchCopy?

TouchCopy is an efficient backup software which was earlier known as “iPodCopy”. With a plethora of benefits it provides to the users, some of them include:

  • Transfer of music from iPod to the computer system at an instant.
  • Backup of images, video, and audio files present on your iPhone and other iOS devices.
  • Saving the messages, contact lists, MMS, iMessage, and even WhatsApp conversations.
  • Printing of the WhatsApp and iPhone messages.

TouchCopyAll of these are offered by the highly efficient TouchCopy software with much ease and convenience to the users. All they need to do is to visit the proper link, download the file, and install the TouchCopy onto PC or Mac. They can even run the free demo of the software for a free trial to get an insight into the functionality provided by the software.

For using the software for further and constant use, the customers would need to purchase the premium version of the software and then enter the unique key number to avail the benefits.

Save iPhone Messages and WhatsApp Conversations with TouchCopy

Once you have downloaded and installed TouchCopy onto your computer system, you can run the free demo. All your messages including iMessage, MMS, and even WhatsApp conversations can be visible on the system screen once you would click on the “Messages” icon of the software.

If you wish to save your iPhone messages, you can make selections of those particular messages which you like to have a backup of. All the iPhone messages are saved as HTML files by default. Even the videos and images which are sent along with the messages are also saved on your system in addition to the iMessages. You can save the messages in the PDF format by selecting “save as PDF” icon in the TouchCopy software.

Benefits of TouchCopy

TouchCopy is an efficient software which provides the hassle-free transfer of the important images, videos, audio files, messages, contacts, and emails; from your iOS device including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad to the computer system. It, therefore, ensures the safe backup of the important files by preventing it getting lost or misused.


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