Yes, Long-distant couples can share a walk, watch films together, and even give each other a back rub, utilizing new innovations being created in Carman Neustaedter’s Simon Fraser University lab. It’s about feeling associated, says Neustaedter, a partner educator in SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT). Understudy specialists in his Surrey grounds construct Connections Lab are working in light of heap arrangements. Among them, specialists have composed a couple of interconnected gloves called Flex-N-Feel.

At the point when fingers “flex” in one glove, the activities are transmitted to a remote accomplice wearing the other. The glove’s material sensors permit the wearer to “feel” the developments.

Touch in Long Distance Relationship, Flex-N-Feel Gloves
Touch in Long Distance Relationship, Flex-N-Feel Gloves

To catch the flex activities, the sensors are joined to a microcontroller. The sensors give an incentive to each curve and are transmitted to the “vibe” glove utilizing a WiFi module. The sensors are additionally set deliberately on the palm side of the fingers to better feel the touch. A delicate switch on both gloves likewise permits either accomplice to start the touch.

Clients can make hint signals, for example, touching the face, clasping hands, and giving an embrace.

says Neustaedter.

The demonstration of bowing or flexing one’s finger is a tender and inconspicuous approach to copy touch.

The gloves are presently a model and testing proceeds. While one arrangement of gloves empowers one-way remote touch between accomplices, Neustaedter says a moment set could permit both to share touches in the meantime.

Flex-N-Feel Gloves
Flex-N-Feel Gloves

Different undertakings likewise concentrate on shared encounters, including a virtual reality video conferencing framework that gives one “a chance to see through the eyes” of a remote accomplice, and another that empowers clients to video-stream a remote accomplice’s exercises to a long-separate accomplice at home.

In the meantime, the specialists are additionally concentrated how cutting-edge telepresence robots can help join couples.


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