If you are holding an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, there are chances that you too might meet the flaw in your device soon. Dubbed as Touch disease, this is a new flaw found in iPhone 6 and according to some user reports, the touchscreen on the phone become unresponsive over time and eventually there will be noticed a gray bar at the top of the screen after which the phone become blank completely.

However, the phone might come back to operational condition later on but it will not be fully recovered.

Touch Disease, A New Flaw In iPhone
Touch Disease, A New Flaw In iPhone

This issue is mainly noticed in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The report first came from Julia Bluff who is from iFixit. iFixit is the repairing vendor that started their business with repairing the Apple products such as a laptop, iPhone etc. and later on they started handling all kind of consumer electronics. According to this repairing vendor, the main cause of the issue is with two defective chips that actually control the touch responsiveness in the iPhone. If anyhow those two chips become disconnected or has defected, they will not react to any touch in the device. And the Touch disease affected devices are those in which the solder that links the chips with logic board in the phone is weak.

iFixit again went on to say that the fix is actually simple if the phone is opened and busted out the solder iron but unfortunately, any apple certified technician or Apple store itself is not equipped for this repair and there is no choice but the users of affected device will have to get a new logic board by spending more amount of money.

However, you would be lucky enough if your device is safe or else get ready to spend some good amount of money soon.


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