It is really surprising to find a large variety of iPhone accessories on the market. If you are using an iPhone how could you go for anything else to enhance its functionalities! So in case you want to get some more out of your phone then here is a list of some amazing accessories you must have tried at least for once.

Ravpower Alpha Series Wireless Charging Pad

One of the daunting tasks is to find a charging pin which is free to use. With RAVPower Alpha series you are totally saved! You can easily use it for your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. The device is though small but, it is quite durable. It will quickly charge up your device with ease. There is a multipurpose smart indicator on the front of the pad of the charging pad which shows the current battery status.

It also comes with silicone anti-skid design, which ensures that the phone does not slide from the pad. You can check out the Paytm promo offers before buying one.

Great Tips To Make The Most Of Your iPhone

Tile Style

It is one of the most used iPhone accessories for the users. It is a Bluetooth tracker which is water resistant and you can simply attach it is to the items you don’t want to lose. In case you are getting late for your office and not able to find the keys then you can simply open the app and find the keys easily. The Tile Style comes with rigid texture compared to the original Tile. In case you lose your phone you can use your Tile Style to find it.

Nomad Rugged Cable

In case you are a kind of a traveler who is looking for some long lasting accessory then this one from Nomad is yours. It is dirt resistant and so you can always have it to use. The cable is compatible with different iPhone models and is equipped with USB and lightning connector. You can even keep the cable easily available by wrapping it using a liquid silicone rubber which is custom designed.

Kenu Stance Tripod

Now, this is something incredible for the iPhone users. You can easily place your phone on it to get the right view. So whether it is about taking photos or capturing a video, reading or talking to someone, this tripod stand is ideal. Again, if you are worried about carrying then let me tell you that you can easily fold it and carry it in your pocket. Yes, again get Patym promo offers from Latest Indian Deals to ensure it is even light for your pocket!

Insta360 Nano Camera

If you are the crazy iPhone lover who wants to get the best of everything, this camera is for you. It allows you to take a 360-degree video on your own. The camera comes with dual 210-degree fisheye lenses and lighting port. The resolution at which you can shoot videos is 3040*1520 pixel and you will get 30 frames per second. The two lenses when come together offer you a 360-degree view. You can even use the cardboard headset to watch the video. The videos can be shared directly on Facebook as a live stream.

No doubt buying an iPhone is about a status and many have it without using it to its best capabilities. By using the right accessories you will be able to make the phone work more for you and open up new technical opportunities.

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