Windows systems are used to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. These tasks include some basic tasks of reading/writing to more advanced tasks like editing videos, cleaning disk space and much more. To make these various tasks easy you can use various software to perform these tasks. There are plenty of these tools available in the market which helps you reduce your manual efforts and saves your time as well. Some of these software tools are paid while others are free. Let’s discuss top 5 free software for your Windows system which you should have to improve system speed and performance.

PC Cleaner

Glary Utilities:

Glary UtilitiesUse this one-stop solution to optimize and improve your system performance to avoid errors, crashes, and freezes. It provides 1-click maintenance solution to fix many problems instantly and accurately. Use this best PC cleaner tool to clean up & repair your system easily. It offers 20+ system utilities to improve your system performance. It scans and analyzes your system issues eight times faster than before. Glary Utilities deeply scans your computer to find and delete unnecessary files from your system to speed up its performance. It offers a range of features including disk cleanup, registry cleaner, file encrypter, browser assistant, startup manager, disk defrag, disk space analyzer, system backup and much more.


Avast Free Antivirus:

Avast Free AntivirusIt offers more intelligent features and functions that make threat-detection faster and more automation for advanced users. It offers seamless functionality with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features. It provides real-time protection against viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious content. It offers features like messenger scanner, email monitoring, notification services, protection for exchange platforms and much more. It provides inbuilt browser cleanup tool to keep your online activities safe. You can use automatic boot-time scan mode to detect and remove malware effectively.

Duplicate Files Remover


dupeGuruThis customizable tool uses fuzzy matching algorithms to find and delete duplicate files on your system. You can tweak its matching engines to find exact or similar files instantly and accurately. It is designed to provide you instant and accurate results without disturbing safety of other important files. It scans, finds and removes all sort of identical files on your system. You can use its customized filters to set matching levels for files. It automatically removes empty folders during file deletion process. It offers one-button option to delete all duplicate files. You can move these identical files to separate folder. You can perform custom terminal commands on originals or duplicates.

Driver Updater

Driver Booster:

Driver BoosterThis tool is designed to provide instant and accurate results to improve system performance. It offers user-friendly and intuitive user interface. This free driver updater program is compatible with all versions of Windows and offers easy driver updating features. Using this tool, you can schedule your system to automatically find outdated drivers and update them easily. It even offers a comparison between the new version of the currently installed driver. It creates restore points before installing a driver as if something may go wrong with the installation, you can use these restore points. You can update your drivers in the background while doing some important work on the system.

Backup Software

COMODO Backup:

COMODO BackupIt has lots of amazing and useful features to provide you free backup services. You can use this tool to take backup on CD/DVD, local or external drives, FTP server, network folder, as email and much more. It can backup files & folders, registry files, email accounts, browser data, IM conversation, partitions or entire system drive. It supports various file types and offers sync services too. Taking a backup using COMODO backup is an easy and user-friendly process, where you need to follow few simple steps. It also supports file exclusion by extension type, email notifications, disk/partition mirroring, using Volume Shadow copy for copying locked files, changing CPU and network priority, running a custom program and much more.

You can use these nifty tools to improve speed and performance of your system significantly. The biggest benefit of these tools is that they are free yet offer some amazing features and services. You can use these tools to make your system run smoother and faster to save time and efforts.


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