Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger are the latest fashion companies to announce their own android wear 2.0 watches at the Baselworld 2017.

It was first reported earlier in the year that fashion brands are stepping their game up to fill the gap in the wearable market caused by the absence of established tech companies like Motorola.

Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss to announce Android Wear watches!
Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss to announce Android Wear watches!

According to The Verge: “Hugo Boss” watch — the Touch — looks a bit more formal and appears to have a leather band option, which is nice. According to Wearable, the Touch will offer NFC but no heart rate sensor. But given the fashion facing look, it’s probably not the sort of watch you’d wear on a run anyway. The Touch is expected to cost $395 when it hits the market in August.

Meanwhile, the Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7You (in one of the worst product names I’ve ever encountered), in line with the fashion brand, is a little more casually styled, with a metal link bracelet. The TH24/7You is cheaper than the Touch, at $299, although it lacks both NFC or a heart rate monitor.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of details when it comes to the technical specifications of the watches we discussed above, but as of now, we do know that both of them will be running the latest Android Wear 2.0. The information like hardware, including size (which is one of the major concerns of the end consumers in Wear Devices market), are yet to be announced.

It’s very interesting to see upper tier watch companies work on these. Maybe that’s the right way they can push Android Wear into the mainstream. We understand that not being able to buy them from the tech companies is what held these watches back. Tag, Tommy, Hugo, Fossil, Kurz etc, will begin advertisement in all major publications. We are really looking forward to more from these companies.


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