Those who are a great fan of the team based shooter game Rainbow Six: Siege can now enjoy the game even more with Ubisoft recently announcing a new free expansion of the game. Yes, Operation Velvet Shell is the new expansion that is based on the Spanish Special Forces group G.E.O (Grupo Especial de Operaciones).

This Velvet Shell will include two new operators and a new map while the map, coastline is set in a stunning looking nightclub in Ibiza. The map will be available to all the players for free but the characters are only available to those having the season pass for year two.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Review About This Game’s "Velvet Shell" Release
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege – Review About This Game’s “Velvet Shell” Release

However, there is always an option to unlock those characters using the in-game currency in case you do not have that required pass.

This Velvet Shell expansion of the game is all set to release on February 7, 2017, which will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

While Ubisoft has already revealed one of the new operator Jackal but the other one is still not revealed and it seems more about the expansion will be unveiled in the coming weekend during the competitive gaming tournament.

Detailed Information on The Operation Velvet Shell & Operator Jackal

The G.E.O or the Grupo Especial de Operaciones was founded long back in 1977 while Spain was going through a tumulus transition to start their democratic government. This force actually works to prevent terror while drug trafficking rings is also another important task and the operators in this operation has been created with all these things keeping in mind.

Rainbow Team

Here in this game, the G.E.O operators join the Rainbow team for protecting the civilians vacationing on the new free map, coastline. The operators are equipped with a unique ability which will be unveiled in the Six invitational, but some of the elements to inspire Jackal’s persona is been highlighted by Ubisoft.


According to Brixi, the R6 script writer, Jackal will symbolize a specific play style to portray that how each officer of G.E.O was assigned a role that goes well with their tactics of choice and personal assets. Jackal’s uniqueness will lie in how he handles the drug smuggling operation by going through various extensive survival courses, combating diving courses and more.

With all these, the other exciting news is Siege will be available to play for free on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for free for this coming weekend during the course of three days from 3rd February – 5th February.


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