Tinder, the popular dating app will soon discontinue service for its users under 18 which they have stated as a complete socially responsible move. The news is confirmed by the VP of Communication of Tinder Rosette Pambakian and it will take effect from next week.

Tinder Requires to Signup Using Facebook Account

Tinder was launched back in 2012 that aims to make a match by helping people to connect with new interesting people around them. It’s a fun and free app where previously the age limit was only 13 and the website allowed teenagers aged between 13 and 17 to use their service. The minor users could create a match in the app with others of the same age bracket rather than the massive pool of the Tinder users. The app requires its users to sign up using Facebook account but what happen here is some users still manage to fake their correct ages as Facebook permit users to change their age several times without verifying the identity as they sign up for the first time and thus children finally end up talking to the adults.


Protect The Children From Being Groomed Online

The National Crime agency and NSPCC have urged this dating app to introduce a check on the ages of its users so as to protect the children from being groomed online. However, no such news is confirmed on how the dating app will be verifying the age of their users.

The VP of Communication Pambakian also went on to say that they are reviewing the policy since the beginning of the year and this is the right thing to do according to them. This change is going to impact only 3% of their total user base worldwide and they are pretty sure to land on the right policy which will surely maintain the safety of the app for its users.


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