While AMD has already announced their X series Threadripper CPUs and they are all set to release this coming August 31, the number is expected to be equal for the non-X series as well. Earlier it was leaked that only one non-X Threadripper 1920 CPU of 12 core and 24 Thread is listed in their upcoming CPUs, but the recent report has said that two more non-X Threadripper CPUs are likely to follow and those are 1950 CPU of 16 core 32 threads and the 1900 CPU of 8 core 16 threads.

However, we are still not confirmed if those CPUs will actually reach the market or not.

Total Three Non-X Threadripper CPUs From AMD Are Expected To Arrive
Total Three Non-X Threadripper CPUs From AMD Are Expected To Arrive

When it comes to the first source of this news, AMD is the one and only to offer an indication of the non-X series Thraedripper CPUs. They actually list all of their products in the Product Master list on their website.

However, they include the list with a bit of clever decoding. But some sharp eyes managed to read that decode and they brought the news of those unannounced Threadripper CPUs to the light.

Anyways the pricing about those unannounced Threadripper CPUs is still not known.

The X series CPUs, the 1920X and 1950X ones are available for pre-order now, but it is to consider if pre-ordering will actually make sense now. The reason is if the same trend of AMD is being followed by them, then the non-X variants will be available for overclocking. And if you plan to overclock the non-X variants, things will become much cheaper while the performance will be almost equal.

So, it might make sense to wait for sometimes to see if AMD make those unannounced Threadripper CPUs available to the market. Being said that 1920 Threadripper CPU will come to the market as it is already listed.


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