It may be incredibly easy or hard to review the two recent flagships of Samsung Galaxy. Both smartphones come up with the topnotch features. From the external look to the inbuilt features, everything seems to be perfect in both flagships. The most focused features by the users regarding Samsung Galaxy new premium flagships are towards camera quality, performance, build quality and display.

The Next Level Low Light Photography and Much More by Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge
The Next Level Low Light Photography and Much More by Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge

Many of the previous Samsung Galaxy phones had the issues of bad camera quality in low light. This flagship of Samsung has introduced superb features including the spectacular low-light camera. With some subtle external and not quite internal tweaks, the phones are a lot like Samsung’s 2015 flagships.

The awesome cameras with amazing low light photography are offered by both flagships of Samsung. The result shown on the top websites were highly evident about the clarity in pictures captured by Galaxy S7/Edge.

This comparison is clearly showing the major difference between cameras quality of iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S7. The GS7 is going to give tough competition to both LG G5 and HTC M10. Many expert tech analysts have already predicted about the success of both flagships. Many SG lovers are looking for a little price decline to enjoy a bundle of useful features and topnotch low-light camera.

The Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would also face tough competition with this phone. All in all, this premium handset isn’t going to make you disappointed at all.


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