The recent electric car has been unveiled by Tesla Motors which would be known as Model 3. The company is making a bid to become auto-manufacturer of mass market with a comparably more affordable price of $35,000. The vehicle offers 215 mile-range. This glossy product is worth buying due to its spectacular inbuilt features.

The Much Anticipated Model 3 Electric Car by Tesla Unveiled for The Masses
The Much Anticipated Model 3 Electric Car by Tesla Unveiled for The Masses

There are 115,000 preorders of the car that is definitely a great news for manufacturers. The Chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors shared his thoughts about the Model 3 with the people. He said,

With any new Technology, it takes multiple iterations and economies of scale before you can make it affordable.

The lack of robust dealer network and production delays are still the barriers faced by the company.

The other two models (Model S and Model X) shall be available for $70k and $120k. For at least 215 miles per charge, the car will have an EPA rating. Twice as much as Model S, the base model with accelerating from 0 to 60 mph within 6 seconds. The Autopilot Hardware would also be included in base model.

The sleek look of the car is due to single glass panel fixed on the roof. At the end of the year, it is being predicted by the company that around 100,000 Tesla Model 3 Electric cars would be seen on the roads in America. The immense popularity of this car is going to provide long-term benefits to the company.


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